Who should tell our #HousingDay story?

Dale CrooksHousing Day – such a simple concept and something that last year and this has blown me away. Last year an inspired idea by Ade Capon spurred thousands of people into action who were united in one goal – bring housing alive by telling the real life stories that often go unnoticed. Housing Day has┬ábecome a movement in its own right and its amazing to see it being spoken about every day, not just on one day in the year.

As we hurtle towards the general election and ponder on how to get housing up the political and social agenda, it’s all too easy to forget how to articulate what we do in a way that sticks. Many argue that we are pretty dire at this as a sector and for the most part I tend to agree. In my view we should hand this job over to our customers and let them sell the message of housing.

That’s what we have tried to do at Helena, create something faithful to the Housing Day concept. We thought long and hard about how to contribute to this year’s Housing Day and decided to keep it simple and let the stories do the talking.

We’ve worked with a whole range of customers to help them to tell their stories which live in a neat blog site that you can access here. We’ll add to this on an on-going basis and work hard behind the scenes to share the stories from our part of the world.

I’m really looking forward to this year’s Housing Day and am confident that in terms of getting housing noticed and better understood, that this is the way to do it.